Thursday, February 2, 2012

Couple in spotlight as $12m vanishes -

Couple in spotlight as $12m vanishes -
Investigators have been unable to locate the money, following the collapse of the couple's
financial advisory business just before Christmas.

Mike and Jackie Bradley ran a business called Bradley & Bradley from an office in
Auckland's Vero Centre.

The Companies Office began investigations last year after complaints from investors,
and four firms jointly run by the couple were placed in liquidation on December 21.

They were B'On Financial Services, B'On Financial Services NZ,
Bradley O'Neill Financial Planners and Bradley O'Neill Financial Services.
Another company of which Mr Bradley is the sole director, Rosehip Nominees,
has also been placed in liquidation.

Liquidators Brian Mayo-Smith and David O'Connor, from BDO Auckland,
said they had been able to track down 36 investors, and feared there might be more.
Mr O'Connor said the average amount outstanding for each investor was around $300,000
but some had invested much more than that.

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